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    Every child belongs to a family!

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    Every child grows with love!

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    Every child grows with respect!

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    Every child grows with security!

Message of the National Director

SOSCVE in Collaboration with its Partners will exert its utmost efforts in giving Care and Protection to Children!” Sahlemariam Abebe, National Director


Cognizant of SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia Strategy plan 2009-2016 to reaching 23,000 needy children who have lost parental care and at risk of losing their parents, in 2014 the organization has achieved good track record to support 12,714 needy Children. Hence of the planned, we have well performed and accomplished 90 percent.

It has been one of the most successful years for SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia as it has reached more target children through its Family Strengthening (FS) program. To this effect we newly launched eight FS programs in different parts of the country and among them four FS programs enrolled 4,312 (2210 Female) new program participants and enabled the children to start benefitting from the service.

In addition to this in Family Based Care program, a total of 1905(851Female) children and youth have been enabled to grow in a   caring and supportive family environment.

Regarding education, the year has marked with great success for out of the total 842 school going children and youth found under the SOS families, 97% have been successfully promoted to the next level. Similarly, 3 youths who did well in (International General Certificate for Secondary Education) IGCSE join Herman Gmeiner College in Ghana to pursue their International baccalaureate.

The improvement of economic self-sufficiency of families which enable them to provide basic and development     services to children, is also worth mentioning. In all program locations intensive trainings on Saving and credit has been provided for all care givers ,as a result, the number of care givers who are members of Saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) has doubled compared to figure reported the last year  and reached 2,289 .Of this 2,047 care givers have already been engaged in different income generating activities. 

Remarkable successes has also been registered in areas of partnership and networking which has  resulted the  organization to acquire local sources to support different program interventions, particularly the FS projects. A total fund birr 3,158,035 pledge secured from Bahir Dar and Woldya Universities to partially cover the costs of our two FS projects in Bahir Dar and Woldya Cities.

Organizational Visibility has also got significant attention during the year. We colorfully celebrated our 40th Year anniversary at Mekelle in the presence of government representatives, other stakeholders and corporate partners. The event was promoted through different print and electronic media.   

Guided by its past achievements and its five year strategic plan (2009-16), in the last fiscal year SOS CVE headed forward exerting it’s at most efforts in improving the lives of vulnerable children and young peoples to grow in supportive and family environment.

Finally, in my capacity as the national director it is my conviction that SOS Children Villages Ethiopia in collaboration with the government ,the like-minded development actors ,different stakeholders and its coworkers will exert  it’s at most efforts  in giving care and protection to children in need.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all our donors/partners among others DANIDA, Jonson’s & Jonson’s, TOMS Shoe, MAN, DHL, the Federal Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Women ,Children and Youth Affairs and Charities and Societal Agency. 


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